What can we derive from some of the historical events?

This above historical image had been circling in WhatsApp and even I received, so what should be my reaction or what should be my reply to these kind of image based message on social media?

Well below is what my answers are:

Gandhiji was killed by Nathuram Godse (a Hindu Mahasabha and RSS member).
Sambhaji was killed based on order from Aurangzeb and there are multiple versions of his death story.
Guru Arjan was perhaps by Chandu Shah or Jahangir again multiple theories of his death.
Guru Tegh Bahadur execution by Aurangzeb.

Guru Gobind Singh by Mughal assassins.

The above killings except Gandhiji’s were more like a inter-state and inter-kingdom related affairs and as we know Aurangzeb didn’t even spare his own brother Dara Shikoh and also put his father Shah Jahan under house arrest.

If we extend onwards from the above series of historical events and look into further history then there were several sacrifices and fatalities happened like Rani of Jhansi, Mangal Pandey and many other leaders during the 1857 rebellion against East India company. In Awadh alone 150,000 Indians killed during the war, with 100,000 of them were civilians. Neither, we can forget Jallianvala Bagh and numerous brutal massacres by British Raj during that period.

But the question is : what to derive from all these above historical events? Infact currently in Britain – there are hell lot of Indians living there calling it as home and similarly in America and so in Gulf countries e.g., in Dubai, Kuwait etc.

So, can we really be selective in deriving conclusions that because a race and a group of specific people, King from particular religious faiths e.g., Islam had tortured Indians in past hence we should do the reverse now with them and if the answer is yes then what about Christianity based countries like France, Portugal and Britain even they had captured, killed Indians and ruled in different parts of India?

So, if at all we want to do reverse then why be selective let’s boycott every such countries who had looted India in past e.g., the Islam and Islamic countries as well as Britain and also all the christian countries and descendants of Britain.

But first – we all should throw our electronic gadgets and also such technological items whose source is western countries as most of the technologies in the gadgets are from christian countries like America’s and Europe’s also we should not buy any oil from Saudi and Kuwait (basically all the Islamic countries) at the first place. Can we do that? Well, I guess no – it will be called as stupidity in the era of globalization and global cooperation.

Historical facts will remain as facts and it will be studied till time immemorial. It has to be respected, learned from and understood but should we really do the reverse ? or should we really repeat brutal part of history ? No !

Rather, we should try to repeat the good part of history.

So, choices are ours after all – let’s choose what is good for future of humanity and drop the stupidity of past and stop following stupid people’s mindset from past.